Smartiplast LLC Plastic containers, boxes, pallets
Russian supplier of plastic boxes, packaging

Company Smartiplast LLC was founded 22 Mar 2011.
For 7 years we have been trusted for over 4250 organizations.
Our firm specialize in supplying of industrial plastic packaging: containers, boxes, pallets, tanks, etc.
Our customers are production, trade and food companies.
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Please do not confuse our company with the following firms:
Smartplast from St. Petersburg (manufacturing of caps and packing)
Smartplast from Nizhny Novgorod (manufacturing of insulation material)
Smartplast from Klin (production of polymer sheets)
Smartplast смарт-пласт.рф from Voronezh (manufacturer of fiberglass)
Our company is called Smartiplast (with i).
Our range of industrial plastic containers only.
Since 2014 we also have subbrend SMPLAST.